eeboo 1000 piece puzzles, assorted


Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for the whole family to enjoy! These 1000 piece puzzles are fantastic at keeping your attention keenly focused, and inspired.
Full color insert
Puzzle: 23" x 23"
Box: 12" x 12"


Mother Earth: Connect with your natural harmony, illustrated by Maya Hanisch (@maya_hanisch). 

Poppy Bunny 1000 Piece Puzzle shows springtime animals and flowers awakening and rejoicing.  This artwork gives a nod to the etching masters of the past with the finest attention to natural details.   A vibrant and rich illustration that celebrates the arrival of Spring.  Illustrated by Malin Gyllensvaan.

Summer Garden Bouquet: Featuring art by Ellen Hoverkamp (@garden_images) is a beautiful bouquet of Summer flowers that will never wilt!

Eating Outside: A fiery palette of reds oranges and purples offers a challenge to the discerning puzzler in Ana Leovy’s painting of a mysterious woman reclining for an al fresco lunch. Join her for a relaxing journey into deep color.

Angela: By Matt Small Angela is a beautiful and visually arresting image the orignial artwork was made using thickly layered paint on a canvas made of found objects and scrap metal to create poignant portraits of people he photographs on the streets of London.  This challenging puzzle features the work of the talented artist Matt Small, who describes his subjects as “young, dispossessed people, individuals who feel undervalued, who do not have a voice and who are often overlooked.”  

Planet Earth/ home sweet home: A vibrant celebration of some our planet’s endangered plants and animals. An identification key is included. Artwork by Cynthia Cliff features a variety of colors and textures, making this a great puzzling image. 

Coral Reef: A vivid underwater mosaic of colors and patterns by Miranda Sofroniou invites you to dive in and spend some peaceful time exploring the fragile miracle of a coral reef teeming with life.

Peacock Garden:  No bottom, no top- complete from any side. Illustrated by: Monika Forsberg (@monika_forsberg. Among exotic fruits and flowers you can while away your puzzling hours as peacocks strut and spread their fans, tigers prowl and patterns dance. While you puzzle, move around as this picture's never upside down!