eeboo 500 piece illustrated round puzzles, new assorted themes!


Take on the extra challenge of a round jigsaw puzzle!  

Embroidered Birds: This intricate collage of embroideries from around the world will transport any puzzler into focused calm.

Mushrooms + Butterflies: Featuring collage of mushrooms and butterflies in a whimsical garden. Doing this puzzle with your closest friends can turn anyone into a Fun-gi or gal!

Moon Dance: A celebration of sisterhood and the magic of the natural world is captured in the artwork of Uta Krogmann (@MiraParadies).

Triangle patterns: Fresh, original detailed mosaic deign of colored triangles. A challenging array of triangular colors in vivid kaleidoscopic artwork by Monika Forsberg.

New! Bouquet + Birds Needlepoint: A meticulously embroidered bouquet is so convincing it has attracted a few birds and butterflies. Featuring vintage bird and butterfly illustrations cleverly collaged with the embroidered bouquet.

New! Purple Birds + Flowers: Dynamically arranged flowers in a geometric patterned vessel allow this petite purple bird a soft place to land. This illustration has a deep-orange-and-gold pottery piece inspired by Clarice Cliff, one of the most influential ceramic artists of the 20th century. The unique color combination of lilacs, deep purples, and burnt oranges, against the ocher background, makes the flower and vase a classic still life. The detailed edging makes a lovely framing element. Beautifully illustrated by Anisa Makhoul.

New! Woodland Creatures: Inspired by centuries-old embroidery traditions of Eastern European, this woodland-themed illustration comes packed with life. The crewelwork and embroidered fill stitches depict winding vines, littles berries, and colorful flowers and leaves that surround the fox, the hare, the hedgehog, and the squirrel. Beautifully illustrated by the Romanian artist Oana Befort.