van aken claytoon clay 4 pack sets, assorted colors


These 1 lb. clay sets each contains four different 4 oz. colors of non-hardening, non-toxic modeling clay. Each color is individually wrapped for freshness. Gluten free.

Perfect for stop motion claymation fun. APH tip- download the Stop Motion free app (its blue with a white film camera icon) and make some easy mini movies in minutes!

primary- blue, green, red, yellow
pastel- baby blue, mint, pastel yellow, pink
pretty- magenta, neon red, pink, rose
cool - blue, green, sky, violet
circus - red rose, sky, white, yellow
earth- brown, dark green, flesh, terra-cotta
neutral- brown, white, grey, black
neon- neon green, neon red, neon yellow, violet
hot- magenta, neon orange, rose, yellow