talens ecoline brush markers, assorted 5 and 10 color sets


Set of 5 Ecoline Brush Pens containing concentrated, transparent, dye-based water-soluble ink in primary colors. These sets feature brush pens with brilliant water-soluble ink which can be reworked once dry. These brush pens feature highly intense, saturated dye-based liquid watercolor that dries within minutes, can be rewetted and is blendable producing great results on paper or board.

5 color primary set: 205 Lemon Yellow, 337 Magenta, 578 Sky Blue (Cyan), 700 Black + a colorless blender

5 color pastel set: 738 Cold Grey Light, 390 Pastel Rose, 579 Pastel Violet, 580 Pastel Blue & 666 Pastel Green

10 color classic set: 205 Lemon Yellow, 237 Deep Orange, 227 Yellow Ochre, 334 Scarlet, 337 Magenta, 548 Blue Violet, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 578 Sky Blue (Cyan), 700 Black and 600 Green