craft glue dots, 3/16" or 1/2" regular, 3/8" permanent, or 1" glue lines


Craft glue dots are a multi-purpose dry adhesive to be used for all kinds of crafts and hobbies. Glue dots are double-sided adhesive dots that bond instantly to paper, plastic, foam, wood, fabric and more. Mini Glue Dots are perfect dry adhesive for adhering tiny items like wiggle eyes and small rhinestones. They are completely mess-free means no waiting for the glue to dry. Easy to use, they are suitable for adults and children. Glue Dots are safe, non-toxic, acid-free, lignin-free and photo-safe. Perfect for those who want to build with 3D materials quickly and neatly!

3/16" diameter glue dots 250 dot pack.
1/2" diameter glue dots 200 dot pack.

3/8" permanent glue dots 300 dot pack.

1" glue lines offer 200 pre-measured 1" lines of glue per roll.

1/2" diameter glue dots 200 pack