eeboo 100 piece puzzles, assorted themes


Illustrated puzzles 100 pieces, puzzle: 27” x 18”. For ages 5 and up, big pieces help develop motor skills and spatial reasoning, and are great indoor fun!

This Land is Your Land 100 pc puzzle:
Children learn about the key industries and wildlife associated with each state through visual icons, making it the perfect puzzle for pre-readers. State facts Included:
Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award: Dan Yaccarino (@danyaccarino) is the illustrator of our This Land is Your Land Puzzle. He is continually inspired by his current projects: “my favorite project is whatever project I’m working on at the moment.

Age of the Dinosaur 100 pc puzzle:
Illustrated by long-time eeBoo collaborator Holly Berry, our new Age of the Dinosaur 100 Piece Puzzle features friendly dinosaurs living in harmony. Find your all favorite dinosaurs in this beautifully illustrated puzzle. A fun and easy way to be transported to another time. Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award.

Natural Science 100 piece puzzle:

eeBoo's Natural Science 100 Piece Puzzle features the striking artwork of acclaimed children's book illustrator, Melissa Sweet. The Natural Science Puzzle boasts a gorgeous array of nature's most spectacular creations. Printed with gold gloss accents, eeBoo's Natural Science Puzzle has a high-quality feel without the cost. Includes poster of facts (size:17.75" x 25.75") 

Beautiful World 100 Piece Puzzle: 

The variety of beautiful flora and fauna in our world is truly astounding. eeBoo’s 100 Piece Beautiful World Puzzle is an educational jigsaw puzzle full of creatures great and small. Which of these fellow inhabitants of our Beautiful World is your favorite? We’re partial to the Tokay Gecko. 

    Kelsey Oseid (@kelzuki) is the illustrator of our Beautiful World Puzzle. Kelsey lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their two cats. She focuses her works on natural history subjects including biodiversity and astronomy. Bugs and other insects are the hardest animals to draw because so many have intricate patterns, Kelsey says. Her favorite animals to draw are whales and sharks. Kelsey finds inspiration on nature walks around her neighborhood and visits to her local arboretum and conservatory.

    What life there is upon our earth; 
    Unfolding waves of growth and birth!
    Upon the land, beneath the sea, 
    We celebrate diversity!