kid made modern brush library, 24 brushes


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A great comprehensive set of artist-quality paint brushes are the perfect foundation for the young artists’ tools. Each of the 24 synthetic bristle brushes is labeled with its proper name and a brief description of when you might use each one, to help educate you as you paint. Comes in a canvas carrying case to keep your tools organized and ready to create. Great for creative adults, too!  Brushes range from 7.5” – 8.5” long

2 small round brushes
2 medium round brushes
2 large round brushes
1 small flat brush
1 small angle brush
1 medium angle brush
1 large angle brush
1 fan brush
1 small filbert brush
1 medium filbert brush
1 small rigger brush
1 large rigger brush
1 1” all-purpose brush
1 2” all-purpose brush
1 1” bright brush
1 ½” bright brush
1 ¾” bright brush
1 small mop brush
1 medium mop brush
1 large mop brush