koala tools the bear claw thick triangular pencils, 2B 6 pack

This isn't your typical kindergartener's beginner pencil. The Bear Claw is a thick, triangular pencil with an extra-fat 4mm core at its heart. This beast of a pencil sports a natural redwood and artists' favorite 2B lead, which is silky smooth and makes a darker line with less pressure. We didn't forget to include a chunky eraser that will certainly withstand an onslaught of continuous corrections. The Bear Claw is a shop pencil with an artist's soul. Comes in pack of 6.  Check out Koala Tools double pencil sharpener.

• Jumbo Triangular shape helps kids to learn the proper tripod grip
• Thick redwood, extra-fat graphite core and oversized eraser make this one tough pencil, which means no more broken points
• 2B graphite core provides a softer feel with darker lines