micador jr besties marker mates, assorted themed 6 chunky grip marker sets


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Draw, color, and play! These chunky grip markers are available in cute collectible character shapes, ideal for young children. The thick shapes are easy for little hands to hold, while the sturdy tips won't fray or break with rough treatment. The base of each marker indicates the ink color. The design features large safety caps and a long-lasting ink reservoir with non-toxic, washable ink. Each pack contains six collectable character markers, complete with corresponding stickers. 


fairy tale friends- includes Drools the Dragon, King Ross, Violet the Unicorn, Princess Maja, Sir Draw-A-Lot and Peggy Sue.

dinos -includes Jessie, Proto, Mr. T, Steggie, Terry and Horns.

jungle friends- includes Liddy Lionheart, Snaps the Alligator, Ellie Elephant, Ben the Bear, Jules the Panda and Hugs the Hippo.

baby barnyard- includes Daisy the Cow, Whistles the Pig, Timothy Trotters, Rach the Rabbit, Chikadee and Hamilton Hamster