sculpey pluffy soft modeling clay + tool, assorted color packs

It's fluffy, light and fun! Pluffy is an exciting clay that kids can play with over and over again, but can also be baked in a home oven to create a more permanent masterpiece. Great for making play sets, jewelry and beads, and miniature figures. This versatile clay is light-weight, but thick pieces bake so hard that they won't crack or break. Once baked, it can be painted with acrylic paints. It also floats once it's baked so kids can sculpt their own water toys! Each pack comes with a clay toon inside.

Available in 3 set colors:
Primary: white, red, blue, green, black, brown and yellow.

Pastel: white, gray, beige, orange, yellow, pink and purple.

Tropical: white, hot pink, lime green, orange, aqua, yellow, and dark purple