renegade made positivity kits, random acts of flowers or made you look!

Spread some joy on your block, we need it now more than ever!

random acts of flowers kit:
Use the supplies to make 12 brightly colored flowers and hanging vase at home. Put on your Renegade Made® bandit mask to go out and place the bouquet vase in a place where people will see it. Watch as each stranger takes a flower, then finds the surprise leaf tag attached that explains that you have made this as a gift, but in return, they need to do something nice for someone else. You can perform this Random Acts of Flowers a few times with your 12 flowers.

made you look!:
This is a box full of inspiring fun public art for you to decorate for people to make them smile. 13 fake flyers you customize and hang around town will have strangers doing things like picking funny fortunes, performing kind dares, or help you to leave gifts to aid people in need. 5 postcards and 3 hysterical lists you decorate and leave for people will keep them smiling for days. One two sided poster has you making people laugh wherever you display it.