sargent arts water color magic liquid watercolor, assorted colors

These liquid watercolors add bold pigments to almost any watercolor painting or paper-crafting project. They are washable and AP certified non-toxic. They can be used with a paint or airbrush, and added to glues, water-based paint and glazes for dazzling effects. They can also be used to marble dye papers , sand, wood and more. Available in 8 oz. bottles.

marbling paper project:
Smooth out a nice layer of foam shaving cream with a spatula on baking sheet or plastic container  add a few drops of liquid water colors, swirl the colored droplets with a chopstick, lay paper on top of surface, then wipe off excess shaving cream and set the paper aside to dry, and voila marbled paper! Water color or paint pad paper is recommended - make custom cards, frame worthy art, or journaling pages. You can even up-cycle the shaving cream and make some slime!  (This project tip is with thanks to an APH customer!)

colors: available colors subject to change
yellow- orange
ultramarine blue
metallic pearl white
metallic silver
metallic gold