talens art creations gouache 12 ml sets, assorted sizes

These sets feature opaque gouache with excellent color intensity, think very opaque watercolor. It can be thinned with water and dries with in several minutes. It is great for painting matte sections without leaving stripes. Various colors can quickly be painted over one another and the paint can be used on many grounds including paper, cardboard, wood and more. Great for artists, designers and illustrators and for color mixing instruction. Made in The Netherlands.

8-color set includes white, lemon yellow, deep rose magenta, light blue cyan, deep green, yellow ochre, burnt umber and black in 12ml tubes.

24-color set includes white, lemon yellow, light yellow, medium yellow, deep yellow, flesh tint, vermilion, scarlet, carmine, deep rose magenta, violet, ultramarine, cobalt blue ultramarine, Prussian blue, light blue cyan, azure blue, yellowish green, light green, deep green, sap green, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber and black in 12ml tubes.