winsor newton soft pastels, 15 or 30 color tin sets


Soft pastels feature artist-grade pigments to provide outstanding lightfastness. They are easy to apply and blend due to their silky soft texture for seamless blending. Sets are packaged in metal tins.

15 color set includes white, yellow, deep yellow, orange, light red, deep red, violet, deep blue, cyan, turquoise green, emerald, deep green, medium brown, ochre and black.

30 color set includes white (two each), lemon, yellow, deep yellow, orange, light red, medium red, deep red, pale blue, medium blue, deep blue, cyan, pale green, emerald, deep green, deep brown, medium brown, pale brown, buff, brick, ochre, light gray, deep gray, black, rose, magenta, violet, turquoise green and olive.